The only scientifically tested and proven preventative cleaning system on the market.

It’s the most effective preventative cleaning technology available – and has been thoroughly tested and proven for over a decade.

Are you cleaning weekly, fortnightly, or even less often? The CellarControl system has been shown to outperform all other cleaning methods. If you extend your beer line cleaning beyond two weeks without CellarControl, are you drastically decreasing your beer quality. Don’t sacrifice your core business to save money. With CellarControl, you can safely clean every 6-8 weeks, while serving better quality beer. Click here to see how CellarControl compares to fortnightly cleaning.

So why should you consider CellarControl?

  • CellarControl will improve the quality of the beer you serve.

    By inhibiting biofilm growth from keg to tap, the system ensures contamination‐free beer that exists within the keg continues through your lines. While CellarControl treats your beer lines, you are still required to clean tap heads, transfer leads and ancillary equipment weekly, and conduct a traditional line clean every 6-8 weeks.

  • We’ve conducted extensive bacterial testing, across all types of venues over many years.

    Working closely with Government-approved laboratories, we carefully assess our sites to ensure beer quality is kept at the optimum level. With decades of experience in all aspects of beer system maintenance, the CellarControl know how to keep your beer tasting great.

  • You clean your beer lines exactly the same way – only less often.

    Some of our clients clean every 6 or 8 weeks, while others choose monthly. You clean your lines the same way you did before, and no additional equipment is needed.

  • Tried and tested – we’ve been working alongside the industry since 2007.

    CellarControl is an established product, with hundreds of systems in operation across Australia and abroad, with many industry leaders trusting the system every day to maintain their beer system. Ask the managers and venue owners who use our system – who have hands‐on experience with our technology – to get a reliable opinion on just how well our system works.

  • CellarControl does not damage beer lines or other equipment in any way.

    The reality is in fact the opposite ‐ CellarControl works to extend the life of your beer lines by preventing line growth, while reducing the amount of times you need to run harmful chemicals through your lines.

  • We set the benchmark for best practice.

    With extensive industry knowledge, we have your best interests in mind when it comes to beer quality, cost savings and industrial safety. We take pride in using innovative, environmentally friendly technology to help pubs and clubs nationwide reduce running costs at their venues.

  • You’re reducing the risks to your cellar equipment and staff.

    By only needed to clean your beer lines 9 times a year, there is less chance of human error such as improper line cleaning, equipment breakage or misuse and industrial accidents, meaning you are providing a safer and more efficient workplace.

  • We offer a six month, 100% money‐back guarantee.

    If you aren’t happy with the system in the first 6 months, we will remove the system and refund your rental payments – so you have nothing to lose.

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Serve great quality beer while reducing your line cleaning costs.