Case Study

At the Terminus, it’s all about craft beer – with CellarControl ensuring optimal beer quality across its range of 16 craft beers, while reducing their line cleaning costs and wastage.


This iconic Melbourne gastro pub has been part of the North Fitzroy community fabric for almost 150 years. The classic public bar offers the perfect place to catch up with friends or watch the footy, and at the heart of the craft bar and beer garden is 16 rotating craft beer taps from Australia and overseas that match perfectly to their Asian-inspired delicacies.

  • Objective

    Following CellarControl installation in May 2019, to conduct beer quality testing on selected craft beers and ensure CellarControl is maintaining optimal beer quality at their venue, while completing line cleaning every six weeks.

  • Solution

    Bacterial testing was conducted at the Terminus Hotel in October 2018, focusing on craft beers. Testing was conducted by ALS Food and Pharmaceutical.

  • Testing overview

    Tests conducted by ALS Food & Pharmaceutical on 6 craft beers – Coopers Pale Ale, Mood Dog Old Mate Pale Ale, Halertau Acid Haus, Two Birds Belgium IPA, Exit Milk Stout and Carage Project Dirty Boots. Beer samples were taken at six weeks following a beer line clean and tested for wild yeast and lactic acid counts. The lower these counts, the better the beer quality.


ALS is the leading provider of food and pharmaceutical analysis services across the Asia-Pacific region, and is focused on delivering high-quality testing services in Australia, further enhancing our proud reputation within the Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical industries.

Test results – six weeks following line clean

All figures are in colony forming units (cfu) per ml. Lower numbers indicate better results.


The test results showed that six weeks following a line clean, beer quality across a wide range of craft beers at The Terminus were kept at exceptional quality. With bacterial counts at near 0 levels, The Terminus are serving the best possible beer to their patrons, while reducing costs and wastage – and demonstrating that CellarControl is the most effective craft beer line cleaner available.

Serve great quality beer while reducing your line cleaning costs.