Case Study

How Garden State Hotel is using CellarControl to maintain optimum beer quality while reducing their line cleaning costs.


Set in the cosmopolitan heart of Flinders Lane, Garden State Hotel is a sprawling four level venue where outside becomes in and new experiences begin. The hotel takes its name from Victoria’s century-old title, ‘The Garden State’, highlighting the defining feature of the venue; the enormous multi-levelled beer garden which is set in the centre of the pub.

  • Objective

    To provide exceptional beer quality, while reducing wastage by extending beer line cleaning cycle to six weeks.

  • Solution

    Installed CellarControl in August 2018 to treat 17 tap beers.

  • Testing overview

    Tests conducted by ALS Food & Pharmaceutical on 4 beers – Balter XPA, Stone & Wood Pacific Ale, Stella, and Goose IPA. Beer samples were taken at six weeks following a beer line clean and tested for wild yeast and lactic acid counts. The lower these counts, the better the beer quality.


ALS is the leading provider of food and pharmaceutical analysis services across the Asia-Pacific region, and is focused on delivering high-quality testing services in Australia, further enhancing our proud reputation within the Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical industries.

Test results – six weeks following line clean

All figures are in colony forming units (cfu) per ml. Lower numbers indicate better results.


The test results showed that six weeks following a line clean, beer quality at the Garden State Hotel was kept at exceptional quality. With bacterial counts at near 0 levels, GSH are serving the best possible beer to their patrons, while reducing costs and wastage.

Serve great quality beer while reducing your line cleaning costs.