Case Study

No measurable bacteria counts – How Hotel Brunswick serves up the perfect pint while conducting monthly beer line cleans with CellarControl.

In partnership with Right Beer Solutions


Officially opened in 1940, the Hotel Brunswick is renowned for tasty, traditional pub food, a shady beer garden, and the vintage atmosphere of its classic, 1940’s Australian architecture. In 2011 the Daily Telegraph rated “The Bruns” as the second-best pub beer-garden in Australia.

It’s also home to the Hotel Brunswick Classic Brew – “a great new beer from a great old pub” – brewed locally, and with 100% of profits going to worthy causes. Paul Hogan and John Cornell (the owner of the Bruns) were reunited to film a TV commercial to promote the Classic Brew. You can check out here.

  • Objective

    To switch from weekly to monthly line cleaning while maintaining exceptional quality beer, and assess beer quality at the one-month mark prior to the clean using Government accredited methods to the highest industry standard.

  • Solution

    CellarControl installed on 19 tap beers in August 2017. Right Beer best practices implemented and Maxi-Enzyme cleaner introduced. The hotel moved to monthly cleaning as this suited their staff rostering and their desire to have exceptional quality tap beer.

  • Testing overview

    Tests conducted by ALS Food & Pharmaceutical on 4 beers – Asahi, Little Creatures Pale Ale, Stoke & Wood and Balter XPA. Beer samples were taken on May 2019, four weeks following a line clean (one day before their scheduled monthly clean) and tested for wild yeast and lactic acid counts. The lower these counts, the better the beer quality.

ALS is the leading provider of food and pharmaceutical analysis services across the Asia-Pacific region, and is focussed on delivering high quality testing services in Australia, further enhancing our proud reputation within the Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical industries.

Test results – four weeks following line clean

All figures are in colony forming units (cfu) per ml. Lower numbers indicate better results.


Testing showed outstanding beer quality at four weeks post clean, with no measurable counts of wild yeast or lactic acid detected – meaning their draught beer is being served at the absolute best quality while reducing wastage and staff costs by 75%.

This case study was completed in partnership with Right Beer Solutions.

Serve great quality beer while reducing your line cleaning costs.