We are passionate about our work and inspired by our team

We are passionate about our work and inspired by our team

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide any checklists or guides to maintain optimal beer quality?2019-11-06T05:04:47+00:00

Yes – we provide comprehensive checklists and guides that provide step-by-step, week-by-week instructions on maintaining your beer system as a whole. Created by leading industry experts, these guides set a new standard in best practice and are a vital part of ensuring the best possible beer quality at your venue. These checklists are provided upon installation for your reference.

Do I have to change my existing setup? Can the system be installed in an existing cellar room?2019-10-15T13:45:56+00:00

No changes to your existing equipment are required, and your lines are cleaned the same way as before. The system can be installed into almost any pub or club.

Does it matter how long the beer lines are?2019-10-15T13:43:54+00:00

With CellarControl installed in some of Australia’s largest venues, we can treat beer lines of any size. Contact us if you have any questions.

How many lines can the system treat?2019-10-15T13:38:45+00:00

CellarControl can treat an unlimited number of lines – installed on the drop lead for each keg. Please note: the number of systems required is not based on individual tap lines. CellarControl activators are installed on the main feed lines.

Is the CellarControl system available only on rent?2019-10-15T13:37:07+00:00

CellarControl is only available on rental, as this is the most cost effective way to start saving money straight away, and allows us to maintain the system regularly.

Does long term use effect the beer lines?2019-10-15T13:36:06+00:00

No – The system has no negative impact on your beer lines from long term use. The system simply inhibits growth from within the beer lines. In fact, our clients have found that CellarControl extends the life of their beer lines.

Has the system been scientifically tested?2019-11-06T01:00:22+00:00

CellarControl has been extensively tested by Government approved laboratories. CellarControl’s cleaning cycle has been tested and endorsed by EcoDiagnostics – a leading Government accredited laboratory specialising in beer testing for major brewers, and ongoing quality testing is conducted by ALH Food and Pharmaceutical. For more information on our testing programs, visit the Case Studies page.

Does CellarControl treat the entire length of the beer line?2019-10-15T13:22:14+00:00

Yes – From keg to tap, the entire beer line is treated. Cellar equipment such as beer pumps, FOB’s, manifolds or other parts do not affect the operation of the system.

Does the system affect beer flow?2019-10-15T13:21:25+00:00

CellarControl is installed on the exterior of the beer lines, and does not contact the beer directly – so there is no effect on beer flow.

Are there any contracts?2019-10-15T13:14:58+00:00

There are no lock-in contracts – you pay month-by-month for the system.

Does it work with ciders and craft beers?2019-10-15T13:12:21+00:00

Yes, CellarControl works with all ciders and craft beers. You can clean these lines every 6 weeks, along with your standard beers.

Who is using CellarControl?2019-10-15T13:14:12+00:00

We have hundreds of venues all over Australia, New Zealand and the UK – From small country pubs and clubs, to large metropolitan pub groups – and have been the leading supplier of preventative cleaning technology since 2007. Contact Us to see who is using CellarControl in your area.

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