Announcing OHAir – the 24/7 air and surface treatment system

Reduce the risk of airborne and surface viruses and bacteria with OHAir. Using powerful hydroxyl treatment technology, OHAir is an exceptionally fast, safe and effective air and surface treatment system which removes 99.99% of surface and air pathogens within one hour, including COVID-19.

OHAir is available as a portable unit, suitable for individual rooms, or as a fixed installation within the air conditioning system for large areas – which works 24/7 to protect your indoor spaces. Utilising FDA approved technology, OHAir is perfect for all indoor spaces and high-traffic areas, including gaming rooms, indoor bars, bistros, staff and common areas and more.

OHAir is available now from Hunter Technologies. Call 1300 693 357 or email us at to arrange a proposal for your venue.