The pub with no water – how to reduce water wastage during line cleans by 80%

Photo: The Australian

Three minute showers, washing cars at home and sprinklers banned, and no inflatable pools during summer. This is now the way of life in the Central West of NSW, with water restrictions now at level 5. With strict water restrictions in place and parts of NSW experiencing severe water shortages, every drop of water is precious. For venues that conduct regular beer line cleans, water is the main component – and these line cleans use a lot of water. For a pub and club cleaning their beer lines fortnightly, these line cleans waste approximately 10,000 litres a year.

As extending the duration between cleans has a negative effect on beer quality, a preventative cleaning system is the best way to save water. As CellarControl allows venues to clean their beer lines every six weeks, this in turn reduces water consumption by up to 80%, while maintaining excellent beer quality. It’s the only solution for venues to reduce their water wastage, while ensuring great quality beer.

But it’s not just water savings. CellarControl reduces beer wastage, chemical usage and labour as well. Since 2007, we have been working with venues across Australia, New Zealand and the UK, helping them reduce wastage and serve the best quality beer to their patrons. It’s great for your beer, and great for the environment.